DeKalb Public Safety Employees to Receive $3,000 Bonus

Dekalb County

CEO Thurmond: Bonus rewards ‘service, dedication and commitment’  

Today, the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners approved CEO Michael Thurmond’s proposed $3,000 one-time Protect and Serve Retention Bonus for first responders and eligible public safety personnel.

“DeKalb’s public safety team is the front line of our ongoing efforts to quell violent crime in the county,” CEO Thurmond said. “This bonus is evidence of DeKalb County’s appreciation for their selfless service, dedication and commitment to protecting and serving our residents.”

The bonus is primarily being funded by a $6.2 million allocation from the total of $147.5 million

“I am totally supportive of CEO Thurmond’s proposal to allocate a significant portion of our American Rescue Plan funds as bonuses to our public safety personnel,” said Board of Commissioners’ Presiding Officer Steve Bradshaw. “It is imperative that we demonstrate our support for these brave and dedicated men and women who keep us safe with more than just our words, but also with tangible action.”

The Protect and Serve Retention Bonus will go to public safety employees, including police officers, firefighters, E-911 employees, medical examiner investigators, sheriff’s deputies, district attorney’s investigators, state and juvenile court probation officers among others.