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DeKalb Watershed Management Provides Free Design Standards for Future Water and Sewer Projects

DECATUR, Ga. – DeKalb County Department of Watershed Management (DWM) is providing free design standards to vendors interested in doing business with the county. 

DWM water and sewer design standards were created to provide construction guidance, specifications, policies, procedures and other information necessary to make improvements that meet all DWM requirements for both capital improvement and private development projects.

“It is critical that developers, contractors and engineers reference these design standards to ensure compliance with county codes and regulations,” said DWM Director Scott Towler.

Each developer’s design engineer is responsible for ensuring that project designs meet the latest requirements of the standards outlined in the document, “Potable Water Main, Gravity Sanitary Sewer, and Sanitary Sewer Pumping Station and Force Main Design Standards.” DWM has eliminated the $25 charge for these standards, which are now available free on the department’s website.

For more information and to receive a copy of the standards, visit www.dekalbwatershed.com and select the Engineering and Construction Maintenance division.