1) DeKalb GIS requires that all parcels involved in the map change must have matching (verbatim) ownership.

2) DeKalb GIS requires that all re-parcel / boundary line adjustments map changes must display all owner name(s) on the coversheet as per DeKalb Tax Records.

NOTE: DeKalb GIS requires owner’s acknowledgement block & signature line for each owner of any boundary line agreement map updates.

3) All parcels must have the same tax district (cannot combine unincorporated parcels with parcels that are located in a municipality).

4) All parcels must have the same zoning conditions.

5) If the combination/separation project is within a municipality you must receive written permission from the municipality. A written approval letter from any city or municipality (incorporated projects) must be included with the 1st initial submittal for all combinations, separations, re-parcels, subdivisions, townhomes, condominiums, &  LDP’s. The letter must be on City letterhead to include the following items within the body of the letter: Type: Combination, Separation, Re-Parcel; Parcel ID #(s), Statement of Approval for Combination, Separation, Re-Parcel

NOTE:  Any projects within the City of  Decatur, Atlanta, or Dunwoody must be submitted directly to the municipality for review and approval. 

6)  If the combination, separation, or re-parcel is within unincorporated DeKalb and it’s for commercial or residential properties, contact Land Development to undergo a review and to obtain written approval by Land Development.

7)  Authorized agent form (see below) must have original signatures and we can accept scanned PDF versions.


Once your project is approved/signed by DeKalb County or an Incorporated City and you are ready to submit your hard copy request for the map change, please note the following reminders:

  • Prior to any plats (incorporated or unincorporated) being recorded at DeKalb Superior Court all acknowledgement stamps and all approval signatures must be embedded on to plat.
  • After recording please forward your recorded/confirmed e-file to DeKalb County GIS Department to complete the approved mapping update.
  • *Owner(s) must complete an original signed Agent Authorization Form if an agent is acting on behalf of owner. Please submit this original PDF document to DeKalb GIS with your recorded/confirmed e-file.
  • *Owner or Authorized Agent must complete the GIS Combination/Separation/Re-parcel Form. Please submit this original PDF document to DeKalb GIS with your recorded/confirmed e-file.
  • Please submit AutoCAD file with your recorded efile  plat to DeKalb GIS. The digitized site plan is a geo-referenced electronic file (.dwg, .shp, .dxf or .dgn in State Plane GA West NAD 83 Coordinate US Survey Feet System.) Please submit this original digitized file with your recorded/confirmed e-file document to DeKalb GIS.

*Completed Authorized Agent Letter details (see link below):

  1. If you’re acting on behalf of the property owner, our office must receive an authorized agent letter on the property owner's letterhead that indicates their approval for you acting on their behalf to request a re-parcel, combination, or separation of parcels. The letter must indicate the type of map change (re-parcel, combination, or separation) and all parcel IDs that are involved in the map change. 
  2. Or we must receive the completed GIS Agent Authorization Form (click to open). Owner must complete form and it must indicate your name, place a mark for map change type, and all parcel IDs.

 * Combination\Separation\Reparcel Form (click to open) must indicate:

  1. A mark next to map change type
  2. All parcel IDs for the map change
  3. Municipality (leave it blank if project is not within a city)
  4. Signature of the authorized agent or property owner
  5. Printed name of the authorized agent or property owner
  6. Date
  7. Telephone number and email address

*The Land Development Office, as well as the Planning and Sustainability Office, are located at 178 Sams St, Decatur, GA 30030