Commissioner Lorraine Cochran-Johnson Selected as a Panelist at the NACo 2024 Legislative Conference

Dekalb County

Panel will focus on the federal permitting process for U.S. counties 


Commissioner Lorraine Cochran-Johnson will be a panelist at the National Association of Counties (NACo) 2024 Legislative Conference to be held in Washington, D.C., Feb. 10-13, 2024. 


Commissioner Cochran-Johnson will participate on the “Reducing Red Tape: Breaking Down the Federal Permitting Process for Counties” panel. The workshop will focus on how the federal permitting process impacts local infrastructure projects and strategies for streamlining the process for counties that own and operate a vast amount of the nation's infrastructure networks, including roads and bridges, public transit, and water and wastewater systems. Streamlining the federal permitting process in a way that supports environmentally sound economic development is a longstanding NACo priority.


Commissioner Cochran-Johnson served on the NACo Transportation Committee for the 2022-2023 year. The Transportation Committee is responsible for matters pertaining to federal transportation legislation, funding and regulation, and its impacts on county governments. Its focus is on the nation's transportation system, which is a vital component in building and sustaining communities, moving people and goods, and developing competitive economies at local, regional and global levels. 


“I am excited to participate in this important discussion featuring top elected officials from across the U.S.,” Commissioner Cochran-Johnson said. “DeKalb has been successful in the procurement of federal Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act infrastructure loan funding to move forward EPA-required consent decree work associated with water capital improvements. The federal loan program has saved DeKalb taxpayers over $60 million, and I am grateful to DeKalb County CEO Michael Thurmond, COO Zach Williams, Watershed Director David Hayes, and Director of CIP and Environmental Compliance Maria Houser for their stewardship in getting us through the process. I am proud to have been the chair of Public Works and Infrastructure during this critical time. I am excited to discuss the federal process to help others better navigate to success.”


NACo is owned by America’s county governments, with oversight and governance by an executive committee and board of directors. Through NACo, counties unite to advocate for county priorities in federal policymaking, promote exemplary county policies and practices, nurture leadership skills and expand knowledge networks, optimize county and taxpayer resources and cost savings, and enrich the public’s understanding of county government.

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