Commissioner Steve Bradshaw Allocates $132,000 for Rowland Neighborhood Park

Dekalb County

Commissioner Steve Bradshaw allocated $131,715 in park bond funds to complete engineering documents for Rowland Neighborhood Park in District 4.

Rowland Neighborhood Park, located at 1227 Rowland Road in Stone Mountain, is situated on two acres of land with a small creek running through it.

“This funding allocation moves us one step closer to the revitalization of what once was undeveloped property to a new park amenity for park goers,” Commissioner Bradshaw said. “I am pleased that we are moving forward with engineering plans for the park development.”

“We are grateful to Commissioner Bradshaw for his interest and investment in the development of this greenspace,” said Theresa Woodgeard, president of the Friends Group of Rowland Neighborhood Park. “This project is something our communities are excited about and are looking forward to developing into a space that we can all enjoy and be proud of.”

Commissioner Bradshaw introduced the allocation during a Nov. 15 Board of Commissioners’ meeting and the allocation became official with a vote by the Board of Commissioners during the business meeting.

The master plan for the park can be found at