DeKalb County Police Department to Launch ‘Connect DeKalb,’ a Private Camera Registry


The DeKalb County Police Department (DKPD) is asking residents and businesses to help keep the community safe by listing their private security camera in a registry.

The Connect DeKalb County Initiative gives private residents and business owners the ability to register their cameras in an online portal accessible only by DKPD to create a map of the location of private cameras.

Participation in the program allows DKPD to request permission to obtain video footage that may be related to an incident that has occurred.

Participants may choose between two levels of camera integration:

  • Level One: Participants register their camera with DKPD which enables investigators to know a camera is present at a location and easily request video evidence should an incident occur.
  • Level Two: Participants have the option to voluntarily integrate their camera system allowing DKPD direct access to the camera feed. Integration is opt-in and subscription based, which allows 24-hour access to recorded footage/real time streaming.

Interested parties are encouraged to visit to learn more and to register their camera.

For more information, call 770-724-7435.