DeKalb Offers Residents Free Flood Plain Information

Dekalb County

The DeKalb County Roads and Drainage Division provides general flood plain information free of charge to county residents. The county participates in the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) National Flood Insurance Program “Community Rating System” and offers residents information about flood hazards, planning, prevention and mitigation.

Information and services offered to county residents include:

·         Flood zone determination and flood risk assessment

·         Information on the Flood Insurance Rate Map and the Flood Insurance Study

·         Access to previous Flood Insurance Rate Maps

·         Information on special flood hazard areas and other high hazard flood areas such as the floodways and high velocity zones

·         Flood depths around structures and on adjacent land area

·         Historical flood information about past flooding at or near any area

·         Current and old copies of elevation certificates on file

·         Information on flood-proofing techniques for buildings and other structures

·         Publications on flood hazards and damage reduction techniques

·         Onsite visits by an engineer experienced in floodplain management

·         Information about protections for floodplains

·         Other flood problems that cannot be provided on the Flood Insurance Rate Map

The current flood map can be viewed online at the following websites:




For additional information, contact the Floodplain Management office of DeKalb County Roads and Drainage Division at 404-297-4518.