DeKalb Pothole Patrol Continues Work Saturday

Dekalb County

DeKalb County is again deploying its pothole patrol to quickly repair potholes created and worsened by near-record rainfalls of more than 20 inches over the past 60 days. Since work kicked off last Saturday, 350 potholes have already been filled around the county.

This Saturday, crews will be able to begin patching worn road surfaces on Bouldercrest, Wesley Chapel and Tilson roads, among other places.

“One of the most visible infrastructure problems created by recent weather is pavement damage,” said Rick Lemke, director of DeKalb County Public Works Department. “Rain turns small potholes into large ones when water intrudes into the road’s sub-base. In addition to a proliferation of potholes, cold and wet conditions prevent proper repair since repair material can’t bond property to wet pavement.”

The county has enacted an all-hands-on-deck approach to repair roads, with non-emergency construction crews reassigned to pothole response. Three contractors have been assigned to repair some of the worst pothole corridors in the county and instructed to fill each hole they encounter along the road. As weather allows and work is complete, they will receive new assignments.

Citizens can report potholes by calling in the location to the pothole hotline at 404-297-3813.