Stormwater Utility Fee Description

Stormwater Utility Fee Description

In order to fully recover the cost of providing stormwater services and facilities while fairly and reasonably apportioning the cost among developed properties throughout the DeKalb County service area, the following stormwater rates shall apply:

  1. The stormwater utility fee per equivalent residential unit (ERU) shall be four dollars ($4.00) per month, or forty-eight ($48.00) per year.  The utility can be amended only by official action of the governing authority.
  2. All single dwelling lots shall be charged the rate applicable to one (1) ERU.
  3. All multiple dwelling lots shall be charged the rate applicable to one half (.5) ERU times the number of dwelling units located on the multiple dwelling unit property.
  4. All other developed lands shall be billed for one (1) ERU for each three thousand (3,000) square feet of impervious surface or increment thereof on the property, rounded to the next highest tenth of an ERU.

The following properties are exempt from stormwater utility fees:

  • Undeveloped land;

  • All public rights-of-way; and

  • Railroad rights-of-way (tracks).  However, railroad stations, maintenance buildings, or other developed land used for railroad purposes shall not be exempt from stormwater service charges.

  • Any property whereby one hundred (100) percent of the stormwater runoff is contained on the premises and no runoff enters into the stormwater management system.

Fees for properties having certain stormwater management facilities can be reduced through a credit system that recognizes the benefits of privately owned and managed facilities.  The Stormwater User Fee Credit System page provides an overview of the credit system and a link to the actual credit application.