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WorkSource DeKalb (WSD) is an EEO/M/F/D/V employer/program. Auxiliary aids/services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities. Persons with hearing impairments may call TTY 1-800-255-0135 for assistance.  WSD is fully  funded by the U. S. Department of Labor and is a proud partner of the American Job Center Network.

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DeKalb County Mobile Career Center May Schedule

DeKalb County Mobile Career Center April Schedule

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DeKalb County Mobile Career Center January Schedule

WSD Mobile Unit August Schedule.pdf

03-29-18 DeKalb CEO Appoints New Directors .pdf

03-12-18 WorkSource DeKalb Works Youth Employment.pdf

03-09-18 WorkSource DeKalb Returning Citizens.pdf

03-02-18 WorkSource DeKalb March Mobile Unit.pdf

02-15-18 WorkSource DeKalb Returning Citizens.pdf

01-30-18 WorkSource DeKalb February Mobile Unit.pdf

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12-05-17 WorkSource DeKalb December Mobile Unit.pdf

11-01-17 WorkSource Disability Forum Post Release.doc

11-01-17 WorkSource DeKalb November Schedule.pdf

11-01-17 WorkSource Disability Forum Post Release.pdf

2017 Disability Awareness Forum registration: 

10-03-17 WorkSource DeKalb Disability Awareness Forum.pdf

10-02-17 WorkSource DeKalb October Schedule.pdf

One-Stop Partners Committee Agenda 9-20-17.pdf

05-11-17 WorkSource DeKalb Training Information Sessions.pdf

05-11-17 WorkSource DeKalb Archer Western Hiring Event.pdf

04-28-17 WorkSource DeKalb 2017 May Schedule.pdf

04-07-17 WorkSource DeKalb 2017 April Schedule.pdf

03-28-17 Media Advisory DeKalb Works.pdf

03-24-17 Media Advisory DeKalb Works.pdf

03-15-17 Youth Rock Expo.pdf

01-19-17 WSD Dart Container Hiring Event.pdf

01-17-17 WSD MARTA Bus Operator Hiring Event.pdf

01-05-17 WorkSource DeKalb Information Sessions.pdf

01-04-17 WorkSource DeKalb 2017 January Schedule.pdf



12-05-16 WSD December Training Schedule.pdf

12-05-16 Mobile Unit December.pdf

11-16-16 New Website.pdf

11-01-16 WSD November Training Schedule.pdf

11-01-16 Mobile Unit November.pdf

10-24-16 WSD Disability Forum.pdf

10-14-16 WSD Mobile Unit Update.pdf

09-29-16 WorkSource DeKalb Career Fair Release.pdf

09-22-16 WorkSource DeKalb brand announcement.pdf

09-19-16 DWD Dart Hiring Event.pdf

09-15-16 Wipro Hiring Event.pdf

09-14-16 Baby Safety Shower.pdf

09-14-16 DWD Chamber of Commerce Career Fair.pdf

09-07-16 Wipro Hiring Event.pdf

08-17-16 DeKalb Workforce Assists DeKalb's Police Athletic League.pdf

08-17-16 ATT Aspire - DeKalb Workforce Development - News Release - Post Event.pdf

08-08-16 Workforce Readiness Workshops August Schedule News Release.pdf

08-08-16 Mobile Career Center August Schedule News release.pdf

08-02-16 Mobile Career Center August Schedule News release.pdf

08-02-16 Workforce Readiness Workshops August Schedule News Release.pdf

07-25-16 Mobile Unit July 2016 News release.pdf

07-20-16 ATT Aspire - DeKalb Workforce Development.pdf

07-14-16 ATT Aspire - DeKalb Workforce Development.pdf

06-24-16 DeKalb Workforce Helps Jobseekers find Their Career Passion.pdf

06-09-16 WIPRO Hiring Event[2].pdf

06-03-16 MARTA Hiring Event_June[2].pdf

06-01-16 Workforce Readiness June Workshops.pdf

06-01-16 Mobile Career Center Press Release June.pdf

05-03-16 Dart Container Hiring Event.pdf

05-03-16 Go Build Georgia Grant.pdf

050316 Parents Pounding Pavement Post_0.pdf

05-09-16 MARTA Hiring Event_0.pdf

050916 One Stop Partners Expo Post_0.pdf

04-01-16 Mobile Career Center Press Release_0.pdf

04-15-16 One Stop Partners Expo.pdf

04-15-16 Parents Pounding Pavement.pdf

04-25-16 Work Readiness Release.pdf

04-29-16 Workforce Internship Deadline.pdf

03-07-16 Joann Fabrics Job Fair.pdf

03-22-26 Workforce WIF Release.pdf

03-24-16 Workforce Internship Announcement.pdf

03-30-16 Workforce Internship Announcement 16-24.pdf 

02-29-16 DWD DeKalb Medical Center.pdf