What is PDK Air Quality and Noise Study?

The airport is pleased to announce the approval of the BOC award of RFP #22-500632 for Air Quality & Noise Assessment Study at DeKalb Peachtree Airport for an amount not to exceed $1,485,000.00. 

The study will take approximately 12 months to complete.  The Air Quality & Noise Assessment will address air pollutants and noise levels from aircraft operations at the airport to determine if there are any impacts of any kind.  

How is the level of activity at the airport measured? How busy is the airport?

Activity levels at airports are measured by aircraft operations. An operation is defined by the FAA as a takeoff or a landing. So, a "touch and go" conducted by a training aircraft counts as two operations. In terms of takeoffs and landings, the PDK Airport is the second busiest airport in Georgia.

Do you have an airline flight to...?

No. The DeKalb Peachtree Airport does not have scheduled airline flights. We are a reliever airport to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, which is the primary airline airport for the area and the busiest commercial service airport in the world. We do have charter companies that can take you around the world on your schedule. Check our business listings section for contact info.

How can I Learn more about PDK and Noise?

You can visit our Noise Page and learn more about Noise by viewing our FAQ's about PDK and Noise

Where do I go to pick up a passenger?

Because PDK does not offer scheduled passenger service, there is no centralized passenger terminal. Businesses or charter companies flying into the airport often drop passengers off at one of the Fixed Base Operators (FBO) located on the field. Please check the business listings section for more information about our FBOs.

Can I learn to fly an airplane?

PDK has a number of flight schools that would love to help you learn to fly. Visit our business listings section to arrange for an introductory flight in a fixed-wing or helicopter!

Can I fly out of PDK if I don't own an airplane? It's so close to my house.

Absolutely. Our charter companies are more than willing to fly you to your destination. Visit our business listings section for more information on these services.

What rental car companies operate at PDK?

Hertz and Enterprise both have locations on the airport. Please arrange for the rental of any vehicle with these companies through the FBO. Or, if you like, contact a rental car provider and let them know where you would like the car delivered here on the PDK Airport.

What are the names of the restaurants located on the airfield now?

We have two (2) restaurants on the airport:

The Downwind Restaurant is located at the center of the airport (770-452-0972) and,
The 57th Fighter Group is located very near the taxiways and runways (770-234-0057).
Check the Business Listings section or our airport website for more information, times of operation, menus and other information.