PDK Advisory Board



as of January 2020


Members Appointed By District Date of Appointment Date of Expiration
Larry Scheinpflug - Vice Chairman Comm. Jester District 1 2017  12/31/21
Douglas Miller Comm. Rader District 2 2020 12/31/23
Eugene Henry Comm. L. Johnson District 3 2018 12/31/23
Christopher Richard - Chairman  Comm. Bradshaw District 4 2017 12/31/21
Mike Reeves Comm. M. Johnson District 5 2017 12/31/21
Kevin Fowler Comm. Gannon District 6 2017  12/31/21
Rueben Jones Comm. C. Johnson District 7 2019 12/31/23
Vacant CEO Thurmond   2017 12/31/21
Dan Zanger Chamblee (At Large)   2016 12/31/21
Lori Bell

AAB Secretary (Volunteer) Support Network Volunteer for

Airline Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA)





Airport Advisory Board By-Laws


Revised Schedule - Due to COVID-19 (Until Further Notice)

2020 Meeting Date/Time 2020 AAB Meeting Schedule Minutes Summary
January   Agenda Minutes Summary
February   Agenda Minutes Summary
March   Agenda Minutes Summary
Aril   Cancelled Cancelled Cancelled
May  May 11th 5:30pm - Virtual Agenda Minutes  
June June 8th 5:30pm -  Virtual Agenda Minutes  
July July 13th 5:30pm - Virtual Agenda Minutes  
August August 10th 5:30pm - Virtual Agenda    
September Sept 14th 5:30pm - Virtual Agenda    
October Oct 12th 5:30pm - Virtual Agenda    
November Nov 9th 5:30pm - Virtual Agenda    
December Dec 14th 5:30pm - Virtual      


2019          2019 AAB Meeting Schedule           Minutes Summary
January Agenda Minutes  
February Agenda Minutes  
March Agenda Minutes  
April Cancelled Cancelled  
May Agenda Minutes  
June Agenda Minutes  
July Agenda Minutes  
August Agenda Minutes  
September Agenda Minutes  
October Agenda Minutes  
November Agenda Minutes  
December Agenda Minutes  Summary 


2018 Agenda Minutes


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