Noise Program


Filing a Noise Complaint

DeKalb-Peachtree airport offers several ways to submit a noise complaint to airport staff.

Smartphone App


  1. From your Smartphone Click on the link:
  2. Save the app to your home screen (iPhone: Tap the box with vertical arrow and select add to home screen) (Android: Tap the 3 Menu dots and select save to homepage)
  3. Go to your home screen and open "Complaint Box Mobile"
  4. Follow the app steps 1 through 4
  5. Submit additional complaints by tapping “Create A New Comlplaint”

Note: After using the app the first time, user information is saved and does not need to be re-entered after filing an initial complaint


Web Form

Access our new web form here. Enter your name, address and as much information about he noise event as possible. Note: Using the web form does not require a user account.


Noise Hotline

As always you may submit a complaint using our noise hotline (770) 936-5442. Just like the webform please leave your name, address, and be as descriptive as possible when describing your noise complaint.


DeKalb-Peachtree Airport Noise Program Components

Please remember that attempts to address aircraft noise over the surrounding communities are not just one effort, initiative, or project by itself. The PDK Airport’s overall noise program is made up of many initiatives and projects just like the pieces of a puzzle. Listed below are some of the many initiatives undertaken by the airport to address the important issue of aircraft noise over the immediate, surrounding communities.

If you have a question regarding aircraft noise please send it to:

Moving to a neighborhood near PDK?


Preferential Use Runway Program Noise Abatement Flight Procedures - Turbojet Aircraft
NBAA Noise Abatement Procedures Noise Abatement Arrival/ Departure Profiles - Fixed Wing Aircraft
Voluntary Night Curfew - All Aircraft Noise Monitoring Program
Noise Abatement Hotline Off-Set Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) Instrument Approach
Touch and Go Operations/Helicopter " Close-in" Training Patterns Maintenance Run-ups and Intersection Take-offs
Use of Reverse Thrust Prior Permissions Required - Military Aircraft
Prior Permission Required - Aircraft with MTOW over 75,000 Pounds High Impact "Surge Events"




Monthly Noise and Operations Reports

Formal, written reports are presented to the Airport Advisory Board (AAB) at the AAB’s regularly scheduled monthly meetings. These reports are posted to the airport’s website the day of the meeting or as soon as possible following the meeting. Below you will find a direct link to the past monthly reports as given to the AAB. 

 2019                 2020 2021
Table of Monthly Reports 2019-2021
January 2019 Report January 2020 Report January 2021 Report
February 2019 Report February 2020 Report February 2021 Report
March 2019 Report March 2020 Report March 2021 Report
April 2019 Report April 2020 Report April 2021 Report 
May 2019 Report May 2020 Report May 2021 Report
June 2019 Report June 2020 Report June 2021 Report
July 2019 Report July 2020 Report July 2021 Report
August 2019 Report August 2020 Report August 2021 Report
September 2019 Report September 2020 Report September 2021 Report
October 2019 Report October 2020 Report  
November 2019 Report November 2020 Report  
December 2019 Report December 2020 Report  



Annual Noise and Operations Report

Annual reports contain a summary of the information found in each monthly report. These reports are also given to the Airport Advisory Board in January of each year and are posted the day of the meeting or as soon as possible following the meeting.                                                                   

 Click here for the 2020 Annual Noise Report

 Click here for the 2019 Annual Noise Report                                                                                                                             Click here for the 2018 Annual Noise Report
 Click here for the 2017 Annual Noise Report
 Click here for the 2016 Annual Noise Report
 Click here for the 2015 Annual Noise Report


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