Thinking about Moving near PDK?

Welcome to Atlanta! Whether you're considering living in Brookhaven, Chamblee, Doraville, Dunwoody, or one of DeKalb County's other fabulous metro Atlanta communities, you may be interested in learning about what it's like to live next to Georgia's 2nd busiest airport. As with any airport, aircraft noise is generated from its operations. However, the degree to which noise affects an individual is subjective. Below are some resources to help you learn more about PDK and the effects of its operations: Have a complaint?

  • Common Aircraft Flight Tracks - Interested in learning about the typical aircraft flight tracks over a potential house or neighborhood? Do you have general questions about how PDK operates? Contact PDK's Noise Information office by email, or call (770) 936-5440 and ask to speak with the Airport Noise & Environmental Analyst to set up a consultation.

*If you wish to file an aircraft noise complaint, please see the information by the Complaint Hotline below.**

Typical PDK Flight Tracks (24 hour period)
Arrivals in Red & Departures in Blue

Typical North Flow Typical South Flow 20180524.png Typical Crosswind and North Flow 20180419.png
North Flow Flight Tracks South Flow Flight Tracks Crosswind/North Flow Flight Tracks
  • Aircraft Noise Contour Map (modeled on 2016 aircraft operations data) - This data shows the various noise contour lines based on the DNL (Day-Night Average Sound Level) for the area. This is the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA's) metric for measuring the impact of aircraft noise on a community. To be impacted by aircraft noise (according to the FAA), one must live within the 65 DNL noise contour).
  • PDK Noise Sensitive Areas Map
  • Aircraft Noise Program
  • Pilot Information
  • Aircraft Noise Complaint Hotline - Call the noise hotline at (770) 936-5442 or Visit the Noise Information Page to see how to file a Noise Complaint. Please be sure to include a description of the event (e.g., loud jet, prop, or helicopter aircraft), your address, and the time of day. Please indicate if you would like to receive a call back.
  • Airport Monthly and Annual Noise Reports

Neighborhoods/Communties Near PDK (*Not an exhaustive list):

  • Brookhaven: Ashford Park, Blackburn Park, Briarwood Park, Brookhaven Heights, Brookhaven Village, Drew Valley, Hillsdale, Historic Brookhaven, Lenox Park, Lynwood Park, Murphy Candler Park, North Brookhaven, Nancy Creek, Pine Hills, Town Brookhaven
  • Chamblee: Appling Heights, Beverly Hills/Beverly Woods, Clairmont Park, Dresden Square, Frontier Woods, Gainsborough, Huntley Hills, Keswick Village, LaVenture Forest, Marlin Acres, Mendenhall, Sexton Woods, Tanglewood Circle, Wakefield Forest, Whispering Hills
  • Doraville: Embry Crossing, Fleetwood Hills, Fountainebleau Forest, Gordon Hills, Gordon Heights, Honeysuckle Park, Northcrest, Northwoods, Pleasantdale, Sequoyah Woods, Winters Chapel
  • Dunwoody: Ashford Chase, Ashworth, Briers North, Dunwoody Club, Dunwoody Village, Lockridge Forest, Meadowlake, Mount Vernon, Wintercrest, Wyntercreek