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Since 1997, PDK has offered voluntary relocation assistance to almost 200 residents that live in areas that experience high levels of noise from PDK operations. These homes were identified in a noise compatibility study that the airport completed in 1996. The study was conducted with a spirit of cooperation with the neighborhoods surrounding PDK and attempts to remedy current and future noise impacts affecting our citizens.


PDK Park Dedicated in Honor of "Doc" Manget

A Leader for Aviation in War and Peace A native Atlantan, "Doc" Manget was born in 1921 and took his first flight in 1929 at the age of eight in Bainbridge, GA.


2008 Concrete Slab Replacement Project

In 2008, we expect to replace multiple slabs of concrete on the Runway 20L. This is a project of very high priority and criticality, since this runway is the main lifeline to the airport's everyday operation. This will cause us to close the runway for an unknown period of time. However, dates to accomplish this project will be known and planned for well in advance, so everyone will be notified. The attached pictures show the boring of holes in the runway to determine the strength and thickness of the concrete and the composition of the base and sub-base.

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