Incursion 3

Runway Incursion Hazard Area - 3

The intersection of taxiway Charlie and Bravo while travelling eastbound on taxiway Charlie is a high risk area for runway incursions by aircraft when the airport's primary crosswind runway - runway 16/34 - is in use.

In the past, incursions have occurred in this area when takeoff and landing operations are being conducted on all three of the airport's north facing runways - 2L, 2R, and 34. Typically, an aircraft positioned on the west ramp that receives clearance to taxi will use taxiway Charlie with a right turn onto taxiway Bravo to the hold short line for a runway 34 departure. There is a taxiway sign indicating that you are on taxiway Charlie and that you will need to turn either left or right to proceed on taxiway Bravo. This sign is located on the left side of the aircraft just as you clear runway 2L. However, although you have been given a clearance from the west ramp to runway 34 for departure, a pilot may have been held in crossing taxiway Alpha and runway 2L, and the hold short line for runway 2R is placed before the taxiway Charlie and Bravo intersection. With so many other distractions, the pilot may forget the taxiway directional sign that he saw earlier and continue straight ahead onto the active runway 34 and even the active runway 2R!

All pilots unfamiliar with the airport should use extra awareness when the airport is using all the north facing runways, request progressive taxi instructions if necessary, and keep the taxi speed down to a brisk walk so you can stop quickly if told to do so by the ground controller.



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