Employee Self Service


This module provides an overview of Oracle HCM Employee Self Service (ESS) and gives you a quick snapshot of  the training curriculum and video to visualise frequently used transactions in CV360. 

Employee Self Service is an application that enables employees to manage human resources, payroll, and benefits data.
No, ESS is a web-based portal that you can access through the internet at any location. You can log on at any computer that has internet access.
Your password can only be reset using the self-service password reset. CV360 login and password reset instructions can be found at https://www.dekalbcountyga.gov/information-technology/cv360-login
Yes, there are CV360 Kiosk throughout the County that you may use. CLICK HERE for location of kiosks.
If you are having trouble using ESS, please review the training videos below. If your question is not answered and you require assistance, submit a help desk ticket or request your Department’s Payroll Coordinator to submit a ticket on your behalf. Self-Service Help Desk - CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT A HELP DESK TICKET
The security of the ESS is state of the art and offers the best protection of data that we can provide. Our security policy requires that passwords be changed every 90 days. You also have a key role in protecting your information. You should create passwords that are not easily linked with you and protect your password so that it is not compromised.
Yes, you will be able to see your first pay advice and previous pay advices in ESS on January 28th, 2022.
No, your pension contribution information is not available via ESS.