Meter Replacement Program

The New Day: Water Meter Exchange and Upgrade Initiative is a three-year program to replace 102,000 aging and potentially defective water meters, starting in April 2019.


An estimated 54,500 meters are out-of-lifecycle and 47,500 meters have potential defects. In August 2018, the county negotiated a product liability claim with the manufacturer of the potentially defective meters resulting in an approximately $8.64 million settlement in equipment, installation and reprogramming services.

The new meters being installed are equipped with technology to transmit consumption data, eliminating the need for manual reading.

Water customers receiving a new meter will be notified with door hangers on their residences. Upon completion, another door hanger will notify them of the successful installation. Specially trained and identifiable work crews will install the new meters. 

A letter about the program was mailed to all water customers and an informational insert was also included in the water bills.  

Customers can also use this map below or follow the link to determine if their residence will be receiving a new meter: Water Meter Search

(When using the New Day Project map, be sure to enter your full address. For example, 1300 Commerce Drive, Decatur, Georgia 30030)


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