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For the 2021 Legendary Lifetime Achievement Award winner and Hall of Fame inductee Robert Gordon, “helping others who want to better themselves” has been a guiding career principle. “I truly enjoy helping people,” said the 34-year industry veteran and frequent speaker across the nation.


2022 - February 3

For 2021 ‘Legendary’ Award-Winner, Achievement Means Helping Others (

2022 - February 3

Here are the Public Fleet Hall of Fame Inductees (


Older News

2021 - November 16 Gordon Honored with Legendary Lifetime Achievement Award
2021 - November 10 Fleet Management Live from Road Atlanta and the EV Performance Corral
2021 - September 30 Robert Gordon Tribute on DCTV
2021 - August 9 Fleet Management Deputy Director Named to Public Fleet Hall of Fame
2020 - November 11 DeKalb Veterans “Wall of Honor” on DCTV
2018 - May 2 DeKalb Receives “Best Fleet” in North America Award | DeKalb County GA



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