Community Outreach

Community Outreach 
Citizens Drainage Program (CDP)
Storm Drain Marking Program
Hazardous Waste Disposal

DeKalb County Citizens Drainage Program (CDP) 

is a program to assist homeowners in managing drainage conditions on private property since DeKalb County has no responsibility for stormwater management on private property, including ditches, creeks or easements.  Under the CDP, a property owner may request drainage pipes and/or rubble rock up to a value of $2,500 (about 50 tons of rock).  Upon approval by County drainage inspectors, the County will provide the material, but the installation and follow-up maintenance are the responsibility of the homeowner.  For more information about DeKalb County Citizens Drainage Program, please contact Nancy Smith at (404) 297-2568 or the main number for the DeKalb County Roads and Drainage Division of Public Works at (404) 294-2878.


DeKalb Storm Drain Marking Program 

The DeKalb County Stormwater Management Program would like to invite volunteers throughout DeKalb County to install curb markers on their storm drains.  Storm Drain Marking (and stenciling) programs have been implemented successfully nationwide and have been proven to be an effective, low-cost method of educating large segments of the population about water quality problems.  Please contact the Stormwater Section of DeKalb County Roads and Drainage at (404) 297-4464 for information about how to get the supplies needed to install curb markers on the storm drains in your neighborhood.  Please click HERE for more information about our Storm Drain Marking Program.


Hazardous Household Waste Disposal 

The household hazardous wastes in and around your home can affect your family and pets and can be toxic to fish and wildlife.  An average Georgia household generates an estimated 20 pounds of household hazardous wastes each year.  That's a total of 62 million pounds - enough to fill 1,550 tractor trailers every year!  Share the tips in this brochure called Household Solutions for Preventing Water Pollution from Hazardous Wastes with your friends to help them prevent household hazardous products from becoming wastes and potential pollutants in our streams.