DeKalb First-Time Homebuyers/Down Payment Assistance Program



The DeKalb County Human and Community Development Department (DCHCDD) is committed to assisting in the creation of affordable housing for low and moderate-income households throughout DeKalb County. The First Time Homebuyer’s Program provides funds to assist homebuyers with costs associated with the purchase of a home in DeKalb County. The form of assistance used for the down payment assistance program will be HOME funds in the form of deferred payment loans. Down Payment Assistance will be provided to eligible recipients in an amount not to exceed $8,000. Funds will be secured against the property as a zero percent (0%) interest deferred loan for five (5) years. In the sixth (6) year repayment requirements of down payment assistance funds will be forgiven.

If the unit is sold, refinanced or no longer the principal place of residence within the five-year period, the full balance of the down payment assistance funds will be due and payable immediately. Funds required to be recaptured will be recaptured following the HOME Investment Partnerships Program Recapture Policy (Policy for use with Homebuyer Activities). Assisted projects that are terminated before completion will constitute an ineligible activity and any HOME funds invested in the homebuyer project will be repaid to the HOME Investment Trust Fund in accordance with 92.503 (b). 

The following information is available for you to download:

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Down Payment Assistance (DPA)
- Home Loan Application Form
- Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO)
- Home Income Limits
- Rehab Standards 
- Special Purpose Home Repair