Executive Staff

The DeKalb County Fire Rescue Department is organized into four divisions under the leadership of the Executive Staff. These four areas, Office of the Fire Chief, Operations Division, Support Services and Training Division, and Professional Services and Community Risk Reduction Division, oversee the day-to-day operations of DeKalb County Fire Rescue. Each of the functional areas are listed below:

Office of the Fire Chief

The fire chief, appointed by and accountable to the CEO of DeKalb County, serves as the highest-ranking officer in the organization. The Fire Chief is responsible for aligning all department functions with the vision of the county by developing and implementing appropriate management processes to accomplish the goals of DeKalb County. The Fire Chief is responsible for developing the annual operating budget, implementing the business plan and financial policies, and overseeing the overall operations of DeKalb County Fire Rescue.


Fire Chief

Darnell Fullum


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The Chief of Staff serves within the Office of the Fire Chief and is responsible for interacting with internal and external stakeholders. The Chief of Staff is also responsible for Public Affairs and the Health and Safety program for the department.

Chief of Staff

William Voorhies
Assistant Chief



Operations Division

The Deputy Chief of Operations is responsible for the largest division in DeKalb County Fire Rescue. The division is supported by three assistant chiefs, 16 battalion chiefs, and over 500 certified firefighters who are cross trained in various levels of emergency medical care. The goal of this division is to enhance the lives and well-being of the citizens by promoting incident response, safety, training, accountability, and professional development for field personnel. The operations division staffs 22 engine companies, 11 ladder companies as well as specialty units including technical rescue, hazardous materials, tactical medical response and airport firefighting.

Chief of Operations

A.S. Dobson.jpg

A. Shane Dobson
Deputy Chief

(678) 406-7749


Support Services and Training Division

The Deputy Chief of Support Services and Training is responsible for the oversight of several logistical functions across the department. This office is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all departmental vehicles, equipment, and facilities. The division also manages the DeKalb County Fire Rescue Training Academy that provides training and professional development for recruits as well as all incumbent Fire Rescue personnel. The Background and Recruiting Unit and DeKalb County Fire Rescues' E911 Communications Group are assigned to this division. The office is responsible for the procurement of all equipment, materials and supplies for the department and maintains a dedicated staff of both civilians and sworn personnel that keeps the department operation-ready every day. 

Chief of Support Services


Jason G. Smith
Deputy Chief



Professional Services and Community Risk Reduction Division

The Deputy Chief of Professional Services and Community Risk Reduction is responsible for the management and oversight of the DeKalb County Fire Marshal's Office. The Fire Marshal is responsible for Fire Investigations, Inspections, and Public Education which work every day across DeKalb County to educate residents, business owners, and all community stakeholders to create a safer DeKalb County. The Fiscal Office, Human Resources, Internal Affairs, Compliance and Standards, Planning, and Data Analysis are also assigned to this division.

Chief of Professional Services and Community Risk Reduction


Antonio Burden
Deputy Chief

(678) 406-7737