Certificate of Occupancy*





 If you have a business moving into an existing commercial space, you will need a permit, even if no work is being done. A Certificate of Occupancy is required for all businesses that occupy a commercial space and requires a minimum a review and inspection of Life Safety.  Any changes to the occupant, ownership or name of the business will require a new Certificate of Occupancy.

  • Business (Offices) or Mercantile (Retail) Types of business may qualify to submit an application and an affidavit instead of plans. (Occupancy Permit Guide)
  • All other business types must submit plans. If under 5000 sq ft then these plans only have to be to scale. Anything 5000 sq ft must have a design professional seal. (Plan Review Checklist)
  • Restaurants, Take Out, Lounges, Café, Nightclub, and similar occupancies we require a Letter of Entertainment.
  • Any establishment in which food is being served you will need a Health Department Checklist. This includes schools, day cares, churches as well as restaurants and bars. A F.O.G. Review will also be required by Watershed Management.
  • Daycares will need to also submit a Daycare Worksheet.
  • Any sort of Warehouse or building with ample storage is required to submit a Warehouse Commodity Form.



Residential Certificate of Occupancies are obtained only for new construction and additions of habitable space.  For example a room addition would get a Certificate of Occupancy, but a deck or a kitchen remodel would get a Certificate of Completion.