Long Range Small Area Plans and Studies



2050 Unified Plan


Glenwood/Columbia Plan



Memorial Drive Revitalization Corridor Plan

Memorial Drive Toolbox


Briarcliff-North Druid Hills Small Area Plan



Briarcliff-Clairmont Small Area Plan





Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) Plans

The Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) is a program offered by the Atlanta Regional Commission that encourages local jurisdictions to plan and implement strategies that link transportation improvements with land use development strategies to create sustainable, livable communities consistent with the regional development policies. For more information click on the plans below or go to the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) website. For more CLICK HERE










DeKalb Master Active Living Plans (MALP)

The goal of the program is to reduce obesity through the promotion of physical activity and good nutrition throughout the county with Policy, Systems, and Environmental changes. This policy revision is in an effort to promote healthier lifestyles and increase physical activity within the affected/target area of the county. Click on the icons below to view the study documents.