Current Planning


Quarterly Report

The Current Planning Division provides staff services for the following key areas related to the developement and use of land:


When the zoining classification of a property does not allow a type or density of development, a property owner may request a change to the zoning classification.  Some rezoning requires amendments to the land use plan, which are processed in conjunction with their related rezoning requests, and must be approved prior to rezoning.  Rezoning of property, or modification of approved zoning conditions, requires public review in a series of meetings and public hearings by the Planning Commission and the Board of Commissioners.

In addition, the zoning regulations identify certain uses of land, such as churches and child daycare facilities that require special land use permits (SLUPs) in existing zoning districts.  SLUP applications follow the same public review procedures as rezoning applications.

The Zoning Board of Appeals meets monthly to hear requests for variances from the standards of the zoning ordinance such as yard setbacks, maximum lot coverage or building height.  The ZBoA approves variances based on findings such as a determination that the strict application of the zoning ordinance to a particular parcel of land will cause the owner an unnecessary hardship due to the size, shape and topography of the parcel.

Subdivision and Land Development

The Planning Commission approves sketch plats for subdivision of land into three or more individual residential lots.  Staff of the Current Planning Division reviews sketch plat applications to determine compliance with the zoning and subdivision regulations.

Historic Preservation

The Historic Preservation Commission meets monthly to review applications for changes to the exterior of buildings and to lots that are located in the County’s designated historic areas. Properties in the historic districts are subject to guidelines that are intended to preserve their visual character as a link to the time period in which they were originally constructed and developed.