Citizen Involvement


The SPLOST Citizens Oversight Committee was created in January 2018 by a resolution of the Board of Commissioners. The mission of the SPLOST Citizens Oversight Committee shall be to provide transparency and accountability to the Citizens of DeKalb County regarding the expenditures from SPLOST.

The purpose of the SPLOST Citizens Group shall be to ensure:

(1) Revenue collected under SPLOST is spent in accordance with DeKalb SPLOST law;

(2) Funds from SPLOST are well managed and used efficiently;

(3) Projects funded by the unincorporated DeKalb portion of the SPLOST are equitable, appropriately prioritized, and well distributed throughout the unincorporated area of the County.

In addition, the SPLOST Oversight Committee will  provide as necessary and appropriate advice, reviews, reports and recommendations to the public, the Chief Executive Officer, the Board of Commissioners, the Independent Internal Auditor and the Legislative Delegation on SPLOST spending, budgets, projects and legislation. The scope and schedule of these reports will be determined by the SPLOST Oversight Citizens Committee, but at a minimum an annual report shall be completed each year beginning on January 31, 2019 and a final report shall be completed at or near the conclusion of the 2018-2024 SPLOST. The Annual and Final reports shall include the findings, evaluations and recommendations of SPLOST Citizens Oversight Committee. At a minimum, the reports shall be distributed to the CEO and Board of Commissioners and shall be published on the county website.

The SPLOST Citizens Oversight Committee shall be comprised of nine members who are residents of unincorporated DeKalb County and are of voting age, one member appointed by each county commissioner and two members appointed by the CEO. Each member’s term will coincide with the terms of the elected official appointing them. Vacancies will be filled in the same manner as appointments are made. A member may be removed from the SPLOST Citizens Oversight Committee in writing by the elected official who made the appointment, with a copy of the removal letter sent to the Clerk to the CEO and BOC (Clerk). Appointments shall be recorded by the Clerk.

The SPLOST Citizens Oversight Committee shall set its own meeting schedule and establish the meeting agendas.