DeKalb County Board of Commissioners 2024 State Legislative Agenda

Every year the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners develops a set of legislative priorities. These priorities are determined and approved by the Governing Authority. The DeKalb County Board of Commissioners transmits its legislative priorities to the DeKalb County Legislative Delegation for advancement through the Georgia General Assembly. 



What are the procedures for passing resolutions and ordinances?
The Board of Commissioners passes ordinances and resolutions. Both ordinances and resolutions require an affirmative vote of four commissioners in order to pass. If the ordinance or resolution cannot reach four affirmative votes, it will not pass. The CEO cannot vote except to break a tie, and cannot vote on zoning issues. An item may be placed on the agenda through the endorsement of one commissioner. Once ordinances have been approved they go into effect immediately upon the receipt of the proper signatures. Ordinances are then filed into the DeKalb County Code of Ordinances, where old ordinances will be updated through the passage of new ordinances.

Can I find ordinances or resolutions on the Board of Commissioners website?
Not at the moment. However, agendas, minutes and summaries of BOC meetings are currently located on the website BOC Agenda/Minutes. Information on ordinances and resolutions can be found in these documents. If more detailed information is needed, contact the Clerk's Office at (404) 371-2741.