Purchasing Advisory Committee

The Ad Hoc Committee on a Purchasing and Contracting Code will hold its meetings at 3:30 pm in the 5th floor Multi-purpose room on an Ad-Hoc basis.  The Committee is comprised of Commissioners Bradshaw and Rader, and the attendance and participation of the Commission and the Administration is invited.

The committee has been organized as a collaboration between the Office of Independent Internal Auditor and the Board of Commissioners to achieve parallel objectives:

  1. OIIA has previously committed to audit DeKalb’s Purchasing and Contracting operations.  The scope of the OIIA Audit is attached.
  2. The BOC is required to review a purchasing policy developed by the CEO, and adopt a Purchasing Code.  The Organizational Act Mandate is attached.

To advise our parallel efforts, the Ad Hoc Committee has recruited three outside purchasing experts to serve as an Advisory Committee.  They are:

Joseph Dewayne Wilson, Contract Management Manager, Georgia Power Company

Rholanda Stanberry, Fulton County Purchasing

Carlos Smiley, National Contract Management Association


In addition to meeting these objectives, the Ad Hoc Committee seeks input on areas not currently covered in the Purchasing Policy that could be addressed by the Purchasing Code.  Such as:

  • The appropriate use of electronic procurement for BOC offices.
  • Standards for professional service work products commissioned by members of the Governing Authority and the County.
  • A public repository for the product of analysis, studies, and other information of public interest commissioned by the County.
  • Review of the County’s Standard Contract to balance the public interest in risk avoidance against the desire to stimulate competition and  broaden vendor participation.

PAC Agenda 2017.09.28.pdf

PAC Agenda 2017.09.06.pdf

PAC Agenda 2017.07.12.pdf