Emergency Operations Center (EOC)

The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is the central location from which response and recovery activities are coordinated during a major emergency or disaster. The key function of the EOC is to ensure that those responders working in the field have the resources needed to carry out their assignments. It allows decision-makers to operate in one place to coordinate and communicate with support staff.

The EOC does not provide on-scene management. Tactical direction and control rests with the Incident Commander(s) in the field, from either the DeKalb County Police Department or the DeKalb County Fire Department. The EOC manages the overall event through several key functions:

  • Direction and control
  • Management of information and data
  • Coordination
  • Priority setting
  • Public information 
  • Resource management

DeKalb EOC Activation



The DeKalb County EOC is located at the DeKalb County Police Department Headquarters building. The DeKalb County Emergency Management Agency (DEMA) is responsible for maintaining and operating the EOC, as well as  maintaining the DeKalb WebEOC database

The Emergency Operations Center is generally activated at a “Minimal Staffing” level, with Emergency Management staff. When fully activated to perform its management and coordination role, several personnel from across DeKalb County staff the EOC in Emergency Support Functions (ESFs) alongside the Emergency Management Director. Individuals from the following departments may be called upon to fulfill a critical role in the EOC:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Fire Service
  • E911 and Emergency Dispatch
  • Public Health
  • Highway and Street Departments 
  • American Red Cross
  • Elected and Appointed Officials
  • News Media

 DeKalb County Emergency Management Agency