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Chief Executive Officer

Community Development--Allen Mitchell

4-3-Allen_Mitchell_BGS1060.jpgAllen Mitchell, has served as the Director of Community Development Department for DeKalb County since January 2016 and the Interim Director for the Human Services up until October 2017.   Prior to his promotion to this position, he served as the Assistant Director for DeKalb’s Human and Community Development for over ten years. He joined DeKalb County in 2005.

Watershed Management - Reginald Wells

profile-img.jpgAs the interim director of Watershed Management for DeKalb County, Reginald Wells serves as a member of the county’s CEO’s senior leadership team who is responsible for county’s water and wastewater operations producing potable water; treatment and disposal of wastewater including an estimated 5,000 miles of water distribution and sanitary sewer collection piping, the Scott Candler Water Filter Plant and associated water storage

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