The DeKalb Alliance for Human Services


Purpose: To share organizational information and resources, collectively provide potential solutions to current community issues, brainstorm and serve as a referral and collaborative body.

Goal: To provide a greater alignment with the Human Services Department’s strategic plan, footprint, and reach into the community.

Anticipated Outcomes: The Alliance’s outcomes are designed to promote community involvement, problem-solving, the utilization of expert knowledge, the implementation of innovative solutions, and enhanced access to services. The collective efforts should ideally lead to a positive impact on the overall well-being and quality of life for residents in DeKalb County.

  • Collectively identify community problems and develop solutions: This outcome is focused on gathering community members, organizations, and stakeholders to identify and address pressing issues within DeKalb County. The result of this effort should be a better understanding of the community's challenges and the development of potential solutions. This could lead to increased community cohesion and a more comprehensive approach to problem-solving.
  • Bring experts to share their best practices for maximum impact on community issues: By inviting experts in various fields or areas related to the community's problems, this outcome aims to provide valuable knowledge and expertise to address these issues effectively. This can lead to the implementation of evidence-based or successful strategies to tackle specific community problems.
  • Implement new ideas to make an impact on the community: This outcome involves the actual execution of innovative ideas and strategies that have been identified through the community's collective efforts and the expertise shared by experts. Implementation may lead to positive changes and improvements in the community, such as increased access to services, improved living conditions, or enhanced quality of life.
  • Tap into the Human Services outreach efforts to extend access to services to individuals and organizations throughout DeKalb County: By leveraging the outreach efforts of the Human Services department, this outcome seeks to broaden access to essential services for both individuals and organizations in the county. This can result in improved access to healthcare, social services, education, and other resources, leading to a more inclusive and supportive community.

Meetings: The Alliance meets quarterly, virtually and in-person.





Annette VanDevere
Special Projects Coordinator

Mussettee Hill
Special Projects Coordinator




1. What service areas does the Alliance
    focus on?

  Answer: Youth, Food Insecurity, Public/Mental Health, Crisis Intervention, Homelessness, Economic Security, Youth Services, Senior Services, Individuals with Disabilities, and Other Areas
  2. When does the Alliance meet?   Answer: The Alliance meets quarterly, virtually and in-person.
  3. How can my organization become an
    Alliance member?
  Answer: Contact:
Annette VanDevere - – (470) 542-7419 or 
Mussettee Hill - – (404) 687-7192
  4. Is there a fee for joining?   Answer: No


[404] 270-1178

[404] 210-1697

[770] 322-2950

[404] 270-1178

[770] 322-2967