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The Office of Partnerships and External Affairs is designed to work with community partners to collaborate on common goals and issues of the DeKalb County Human Services Department. Community partners include nonprofits, foundations, educational institutions, corporations, health care organizations, and local government agencies.

The focus is to develop, cultivate and establish relationships to achieve the Department’s goals to improve the quality of life for all DeKalb County citizens. Partnerships allow the DeKalb County Human Services Department to do more; with more resources we are better equipped to meet the needs of our entire community.

Current partnerships include over 120 nonprofit organizations who are part of the Human Services Alliance. The Alliance meets quarterly and assists the County in providing services and improving the lives of DeKalb’s citizens.


AARP Experience Corps Intergenerational Tutoring Program – partnership to provide tutoring to school-age children.

Atlanta Community Food Bank - partnership to prevent food insecurity. 

Cure Violence Global - partnership to create a Community Violence Intervention Plan.

DeKalb County School District - partnership on intergenerational tutoring programs and youth violence prevention.

Dementia Spotlight Foundation ​- partnership to provide training and resources for people living with Dementia.

Emory Hospital - partnership to educate citizens of all ages and to prevent community violence.

Emory University - partnership to create a community violence intervention plan.


Georgia Division of Family and Children Services - partnership to provide services and resources for the community.

Georgia State University - partnership to create a community violence intervention plan.

Grady Hospital - partnership to provide resources and services to the community and to create a community violence intervention plan.

Habitat for Humanity - DeKalb - partnership to provide home repair services to the community.

H.O.P.E. Hustlers - partnership to create a community violence intervention plan.

Kaiser Family Foundation of Georgia - partnership to provide resources and services to the community.

United Way of Greater Atlanta - partnership to provide resources and services to the community and manage the intergenerational tutoring program.



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Debra Furtado
Division Manager, Partnerships and External Affairs

Mussettee Hill
Special Projects Coordinator

Lisa Thomas
Manager, Office of Grants & Administration

How do we partner with DeKalb County?     We work with community-based organizations, nonprofits and other government entities as well as local hospitals and healthcare providers.  We created an Alliance with over 100 community-based partners as part of the Alliance, we meet quarterly and communicate with partners.  We are constantly reaching out to community-based organizations to partner with the County in different capacities.
What grant opportunities are available with the County?     DeKalb County Human Services offers a grant program through our Grant Administration division.  Annually nonprofits are encouraged to attend an initial meeting and complete an application to receive funding if they meet the requirements.  We focus on victim assistance as well as other areas including food insecurity, homelessness and working with youth.
How do we apply for a grant from the County?     Please visit the Grants webpage.
Does the County offer volunteer programs?     Yes, all Human Services divisions have volunteer opportunities including the Office of Youth Services, Partnerships and the Office of Aging Services.  Volunteer opportunities are posted on our website.  Annually we recruit volunteer tutors to work with students to improve literacy levels in DeKalb County Schools.


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