New Fee Schedule

DeKalb County Fee Schedule for Development Services

On January 13, 2015 the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners approved a new fee schedule for Land Development and Building Permits and Inspections in the Development Services Division. The new fee schedule became effective April 13, 2015. The recommendation to adjust the fee structure came from a comprehensive analysis of the permitting process by Matrix Consulting Group, with support from an external Stakeholders Group made up of members of the development community. Their overall goal was to overhaul county permitting and business license operations. This new fee schedule only affects Building Permit applications and Land Development applications. The new fee schedule will ensure that the Development Services Division can provide the highest level of customer service, while keeping DeKalb County competitive regionally and nationally.

The new fee schedule also includes a 25% resubmittal fee for plans resubmitted three or more times for review, which will allow the County to recover costs for projects that consistently fail to address building and life safety issue. The new fees schedule also reduces the “Move-in- As” application fee to a flat $195. This reduction in fees saves hundreds of DeKalb County small business owners between $25 and $225 when starting a business in DeKalb County. Finally, the building permit multiplier has changed from .005 to .0065, which is more closely aligned with other counties and cities in the region and nationally. Finally, the 2012 ICC Valuation table will also be implemented with the new fee schedule.

Development Fee Schedule