Citizens' Oversight Group Members

The SPLOST Citizens' Oversight Group is composed of nine members who are residents of unincorporated DeKalb County and are of voting age, one member appointed by each county commissioner and two members appointed by the CEO. Each member’s term will coincide with the terms of the elected official appointing them.

Name Appointed by Term Expires
Teresa Hardy CEO 12/31/2020
Gale Walldorff CEO 12/31/2020
Jenna Teston District 1 12/31/2020
Nancy Love District 2 12/31/2018
Alice Bussey District 3 12/31/2018
Isaac Blythers  District 4 12/31/2020
Gina Mangham District 5 12/31/2020
Ellen Nash District 6 12/31/2020
Randal Mangham District 7 12/31/2022