Current Election Information

General Election 

The General Election will be held on Tuesday, November 5. All DeKalb County electors are eligible to vote.

Key Dates/ Fechas Clave / 주요 일정 / ቁልፍ ቀኖች

August 19: First Day to request an Absentee Ballot for November 5 General Election  
October 25: Last day to request absentee Ballot for November 5 General Election  
October 15: Advance voting begins for the November 5 General Election 
November 1: Advance voting ends for the November 5 General Election
November 5: Election Day

Español (Spanish)
한국어 (Korean)
አማርኛ (Amharic)

Sample Ballots / Boleta de Muestra / 견본 투표용지 / የናሙና ድምጽ መስጫ

Español (Spanish)
한국어 (Korean)
አማርኛ (Amharic)

To view your precinct-specific sample ballot, click My Voter Page (MVP) and follow the steps below:
1. Login to the My Voter Page
2. Click on View My Sample Ballot
3. Select ballot choice

Qualified Candidates

Nov 5 Special Election
All Candidates (updated daily)

Ways To Vote

For more information about your voting options, see the pages below:

Absentee Voting
Advance Voting
Election Day

Logic and Accuracy Testing

Logic and Accuracy testing consists of printing test ballots with a known pattern of votes and scanning them to ensure that the voting equipment can tabulate them correctly. Results are given below.

Updated 6/14: Complete results for all tabulators