Video Surveillance


The Governing Authority of DeKalb County is asking businesses to help keep the community safe by mandatory installation of video surveillance cameras. The purpose of this ordinance shall mean a continuous digital surveillance system including cameras, cabling, monitors, and digital video recorders (DVR). This also includes Wi-Fi network cameras, provided that all footage can be saved and made available to the DeKalb County Police Department or any other law enforcement agency for review.

The Video Surveillance system shall be subject to regular inspection by the Chief Executive Officer or his designee, who is authorized to inspect any such system at reasonable times to determine whether it conforms to the requirement of the code. If the Video Surveillance System does not conform, the non-Compliant convenience store in question shall take immediate steps to bring the system back into compliance within sixty (60) days of being notified of the Video Surveillance System’s non-compliance.

The DeKalb County Police Department will develop, maintain, and publish on the County website dated, written Video Surveillance System Standards that provide the minimum standards for Video Surveillance System equipment, installation, and maintenance. Any new standards or changes to existing standards will become effective on May 1st of each year.

Participants may choose between two levels of camera integration:

Level One: Participants register their camera with DKPD which enables investigators to know a camera is present at a location and easily request video evidence should an incident occur.

Level Two: Participants have the option to voluntarily integrate their camera system allowing DKPD direct access to the camera feed. Integration is opt-in and subscription based, which allows 24-hour access to recorded footage/real time streaming.

Article XV of Chapter 15 will officially go into effect June 30, 2023, at which time all existing convenience stores, gas stations and monitored businesses will be inspected for all provisions of the ordinance.

A few key items in the legislation state that convenience stores, Gas stations and high-risk businesses shall:


  • Have the surveillance equipment installed by a certified low voltage contractor.
  • Have the contractor submit a signed check list to DeKalb County Code Compliance Administration verifying that the installation of the surveillance equipment and the specifications meet the standards of this ordinance.
  • Keep a video surveillance system in continuous operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including outside of regular business hours.
  • Meet the minimum standard of 4MP Wi-Fi network cameras that includes digital video recording with 24 frames per second and infrared night vision to ensure clarity.
  • Have mandatory placement of cameras at registers, points of entry and exit, gas pumps, loading docks, and parking areas.
  • Have a mandatory inspection of new construction plans and a subsequent inspection of the video surveillance system to ensure compliance.
  • After the initial inspection, the applicant must certify continued compliance with the ordinance annually for the renewal of a business license.
  • An approval notice and a notice to the public of the presence of a video surveillance system must be located at the register, all entrances and exits and on the exterior premises and at the gas pumps to inform the public that the business is actively monitored.
  • A digital video recording must be made available to the Chief of Police, their designee or any other law enforcement agency for review no later than 72 hours after being requested.
  • Have mandatory storage of footage for 60 days.
  • Have the footage display proper date and time.
  • All VSS cameras must have the capability to record an area that extends no less than seventy-five (75’) feet.

All convenience stores, gas stations and monitored businesses located in Unincorporated DeKalb County that have video surveillance systems installed prior to the effective date will be required to ensure their systems are in full compliance with this ordinance and must obtain a certificate of approval from DeKalb County Code Compliance Administration. In addition, all convenience stores, gas stations and monitored businesses must be compliant with the provisions of this ordinance upon opening their doors or before the renewal of their business license.

Failure to adhere to the requirements of this ordinance will result in the issuance of citations by a sworn DeKalb County Code Compliance Officer. A conviction of the violation in a court of competent jurisdiction may result in a fine and/or imprisonment.

Everyone is encouraged to read the approved video surveillance system legislation in its entirety on the DeKalb County Code Compliance website, or the DeKalb County Planning and Sustainability’s website.