Beautification Unit - Keep DeKalb Beautiful Overview

The Sanitation Division’s beautification unit branded Keep DeKalb Beautiful (KDB) is an active community and environmental steward, tasked with protecting, enhancing and maintaining the county’s streets, rights of way, roadways, intersections and county-owned properties. Through continuous beautification initiatives, roadside enhancement activities, public education and resident engagement and empowerment, KDB works collaboratively with community groups, civic associations, individuals and county departments to advance the county’s strategic priority aimed at developing and maintaining viable, sustainable neighborhoods and aesthetically pleasing communities.

To promote clean, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing DeKalb neighborhoods and communities through environmental stewardship, community partnerships, and resident education, empowerment and engagement.

Programs and services
Keep DeKalb Beautiful (KDB) Inc. is a certified Keep America Beautiful affiliate, and a proud member of the Keep Georgia Beautiful Foundation. KDB offers a comprehensive program that facilitates group and individual participation in improving DeKalb communities. These initiatives have an immediate, meaningful and positive impact on how DeKalb neighborhoods and communities are perceived, and a sustainable effect and impact on the quality of life for DeKalb residents. Adopt-a-Program, community cleanups, beautification projects, the litter abatement program, illegal dumping remediation and roadside enhancement activities are all instrumental in advancing KDB’s goals. In support of KDB’s stewardship efforts, we are delighted to offer various programs and services within the Roadside Enhancement and Clean Communities programs.

In support of KDB’s stewardship efforts, we are delighted to offer the following programs and services:

  Community Beautification Projects  Illegal Dumping Remediation

   Rain Barrel Workshops

Submitting service requests
Thank you for your effort toward maintaining clean and aesthetically pleasing communities throughout DeKalb County. To ensure we receive all required information for processing your service request, kindly choose the appropriate option below and complete the form in its entirety. Once your request has been received, one of our representatives will be delighted to assist you. We appreciate your sustained commitment to serving DeKalb communities, and look forward to working together toward a more sustainable DeKalb.

Clean communities program
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Roadside enhancement program
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Miscellaneous requests
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