Roadside Enhancement

KDB is tasked with advancing the county’s roadside enhancement initiative, replete with mowing, herbicide treatments and tree trimming services on rights of way within unincorporated DeKalb County. 

Mowing services
KDB in-house crews are tasked with the daily maintenance of mowing routes from April to November as follows:

62  standardized mowing routes/roads based on a monthly mowing cycle
128 mowing routes/roads based on a six-week mowing cycle
Additional routes based on approved mowing requests submitted by county residents

Herbicide treatment services
KDB crews are tasked with providing herbicide treatments on county rights of way based on a six-week treatment cycle, from April to November.

Tree trimming services
KDB tree trimming crews, in conjunction with a contractor, are tasked with the daily maintenance of overgrown and low-hanging trees along county rights of way, from April to November. Residents have the ability to request tree trimming services for consideration and approval.

Curb bumping services
Based on a standardized, predetermined quarterly schedule, KDB crews are tasked with the countywide removal of dirt and debris alongside curbs. This service reflects the county’s year-round maintenance commitment to maintaining aesthetically pleasing roadsides within unincorporated DeKalb.

Submitting mowing and tree trimming requests
Residents can submit mowing and tree trimming service requests by contacting a KDB representative via email or telephone at (404) 292-2010 or Once received, a KDB supervisor will conduct a site visit and assessment, and a determination on the next course of action will be made.