Illegal Dumping Remediation

Illegal Dumping Program Summary

In support of the county’s quest to maintain clean and aesthetically pleasing communities, the Beautification Unit facilitates illegal dumping remediation services through the removal of debris and materials from public spaces and county-owned properties. Generally, the greatest number of illegal dumping violations and the most common areas for illegal dumping activities are within low-traffic and low-visibility areas away from residential communities. Dedicated in-house Beautification Unit teams are assigned to the daily monitoring of areas with repetitive instances of illegal dumping activities, as well as the daily servicing of illegal dumping requests reported by residents. The Beautification Unit does not service illegally dumped items on private property; such requests are transferred to the DeKalb County Code Enforcement Department for further processing.

How to Report Illegal Dumping

The Beautification Unit is delighted to partner with Code Enforcement and Police Services to mitigate instances of illegal dumping within the county, and to advance the county’s efforts in this critical illegal dumping remediation initiative. Residents are encouraged to report instances of illegal dumping to a Beautification Unit representative via telephone or by clicking here to submit an online request. Information such as a vehicle description and tag number can be extremely useful in identifying perpetrators of illegal dumping activities. Once a request is received, a Beautification Unit supervisor is dispatched within five business days to conduct a site visit and complete an assessment and make a determination on the proper course of action. Residents can also report instances of illegal dumping directly to the DeKalb County Police Services Department at (678) 406-7929. Please call (404) 294-2010 should you need more information on the illegal dumping remediation program.