Rain Barrel Workshops

Rain Barrel Workshop Program Summary

The Beautification Unit facilitates (based on community requests) guided rain barrel workshops, during which county residents convert plastic drums into rain barrels. Workshops are hosted at various locations throughout the county, including parks, schools, churches and community gardens. During the workshop, rain barrel kits (plastic drum and installation kit) are provided at a cost of $50 per participant. A minimum of 25 participants is required for hosting a rain barrel workshop.

How to Participate in the Rain Barrel Workshop Program

Please contact us at (404) 294-2010 should you need more information on rain barrel workshops. Requests can be submitted online by clicking here. Information must be provided regarding the proposed workshop location, time, date and number of participants. Once received, requests will be reviewed and assessed, and an initial update will be provided within five business days. Payment for workshop participation must be made in cash or check at the the Beautification Unit administrative office, and in advance of the workshop date. Residents who have paid for rain barrels and do not attend the workshop will forfeit their workshop participation fee. All rain barrel kits will be provided to participants at the workshop venue.