Litter Abatement

What is Litter?

Litter is “misplaced solid waste,” and includes paper, cigarette butts, illegal signs, abandoned cars, old tires, furniture, appliances, and any other items that are not disposed of properly. The state of Georgia spends approximately $17 million annually to clean up roadside trash and litter. Litter detracts from the county's beauty, decreases property values and over time, could affect economic development.

How is DeKalb Addressing Littering Concerns?

The Beautification Unit is focused on improving the look, vitality, and economic integrity of DeKalb communities by beautifying surrounding areas and preventing littering along county roads, public rights of way, intersections, and county-owned properties.

Dedicated in-house crews and contracted vendors provide year-round litter collection services throughout unincorporated DeKalb. Please call (404) 294-2010 for more information on the litter abatement program.

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