Great American CleanupGreat American Cleanup - Georgia
The Great American Cleanup is an annual, nationwide community improvement campaign introduced in 1999 by Keep America Beautiful. Every year in April, DeKalb residents are encouraged to engage in the county’s largest annual litter prevention and beautification effort. Join over two million volunteers nationwide seeking to give their communities a “fresh start.” 

To join this annual effort, community groups register with us to host community cleanups and beautification projects around the county, collecting trash and litter from county streets and sidewalks. Subject to availability, participants receive plastic bags, gloves, safety vests, litter collection sticks and t-shirts to assist with litter collection efforts. In past years, community groups have helped remove over 30,000 pounds of litter from 30 miles of roadway around DeKalb County.

For more information on how to participate in our Great American Cleanup initiative, please contact one of our representatives at (404) 294-2010 or

Earth Day
Annually on April 22, Earth Day has inspired and mobilized individuals and organizations worldwide to demonstrate their commitment to environmental protection and sustainability. Aligned with this critical environmental sustainability initiative, KDB engages in an environmental stewardship activity aimed at maintaining the county’s annual commitment to celebrating Earth Day. Through the efforts of concerned residents, this event continues to provide the greatest impact toward improving the health and aesthetic value of the county. 

For more information on how to participate in our Earth Day activities, please contact one of our representatives at (404) 294-2010 or


Compost Demonstration Day
Annually, KDB partners with the DeKalb County Extension Service and their Master Gardener program to conduct a compost demonstration workshop. The demonstration workshop features the following:

Learn about soil sampling
Learn how to build a compost bin
Learn how to make your own terrariums
Learn how to grow vegetables using compost
Master Gardener table with plants or seedlings
Learn the difference between mulch and compost
Learn how to make an indoor worm compost (vermicomposting)

Organic materials represent 70 percent of materials disposed in landfills every year, and composting has proven to be an effective form of utilizing this resource. Promoting the use of renewable resources in landscaping, horticulture and agriculture enhances community sustainability. The DeKalbCounty Sanitation Division offers DeKalb residents free compost and mulch. For more information, please click here.

For more information on the composting demonstration workshop, please contact one of our representatives at (404) 294-2010 or


Rivers Alive 
Rivers Alive is Georgia's annual volunteer waterway cleanup event targeting all state waterways, including streams, rivers, lakes, beaches and wetlands. The initiative’s mission is to create awareness of and involvement in the preservation of Georgia's water resources.

Georgia's 70,150 miles of streams and rivers need your help! Our waterways provide us with fresh drinking water, great recreational opportunities like canoeing and fishing, and serve as a pleasant respite from our busy day-to-day lives. Everyone contributes to pollution in our streams. This offers residents an opportunity to help by giving something back to the environment! Every October, KDB sponsors a Rivers Alive cleanup of one of many DeKalb County streams.

Volunteers are needed to ensure this event is a success. To volunteer for one of our Rivers Alive events, please contact one of our representatives at (404) 294-2010 or