Senior Programming





  SOLE MATES Meet your friends or make new friends at East Central Senior Center Lobby at 9:00 am and get your steps in while walking in the building or outside.  See how far you can travel as a group or individual. Use your phone, fitness watch to submit your daily steps.
  FITNESS EQUIPMENT Use the treadmill, Elliptical, or Bike to improve your fitness health


  COFFEE & CURRENT EVENTS Good morning!  Enjoy coffee in the multi-purpose room and catch up with your friends, discuss the current issues and news.
  SIPS & SOCIALIZING Meet, greet, and network with members and staff during a morning cup of Joe.
  MORNING UPDATES Hear updates from staff of special events throughout the day or upcoming events.


  SITTERCISE Don’t be fooled by the name.  Sittercise is a seated exercise class that allows you to strengthen your core, improve flexibility, and enhance your stamina.  We will show you the moves. Join Us!
  POWER UP FITNESS Get Charged in the AM!  Power up increases your heart rate through aerobic exercises.  Let’s get moving
  LINE DANCING Everyone can dance! Learn the latest line dances.  Everyone is invited!
  AFRICAN DANCE Learn basic rhythmic movements incorporating drums and melodic sounds.
  DANCE BREAK Take a break and just groove! 
  ZUMBA Join us for Zumba.  Learn the Latin moves from the Zumba fitness craze. The low & high intensity moves will improve your cardio fitness.


  YOGA Originated in India, Yoga is a group of mental, physical & spiritual practices.  Learn the basics of yoga and enhance your flexibility, balance & strength.
  TAI CHI Great exercise for seniors, Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese tradition of slow-motion movements that is based on Martial Arts. The movements improve balance and strength.
  PILATES Mat Pilates session will include increasing core strength, stability, and flexibility.
  BALANCE & FALL PREVENTION This 30-minute session will provide exercises specifically d.esigned to strengthen & improve your balance for fall prevention
  MEDITATION/RELAXATION Come use techniques used to achieve a state of calmness and tranquility such as breathing exercise and mindful meditation.


  OPEN SWIM (lap swimming) Use aquatics to improve your fitness by swimming laps or independent exercise in the pool.
  AQUA GROOVE Gain strength, stamina, and flexibility by dancing in the pool to your favorite music.
(High Intensity Interval Training)
Aqua Power HIIT is a High Intensity Interval Training class that focus on movement and rest period to increase your overall strength, cardio-vascular endurance, and boost your metabolism.
  WATER AEROBICS Water aerobics is a low-impact pool workout that incorporates water walking, strength training exercises, and gentle movement.


  SEWING CLASS Introduce the basics of sewing, correct use of the sewing machine, and basic use of equipment.  Variety of beginner projects.  Extra Cost for project kits.
  KNITTING Participate on basic knitting techniques and following instruction to make a basic item. (Supplies are purchased by participant).
  CROCHET Learn the basics of crochet stitches. Chain stitch, single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet, and triple crochet. (cost of crochet needles and yarn are member responsibility).
  LOOMING Learn the basic techniques of using a round loom for a hat and or a straight loom for a scarf. (Supplies additional cost and responsibility of member)
  ACRYLICS/PAINTING/SKETCHING Put your creativity to the test! Learn how to draw, paint, and use other creative skills.
  CARDMAKING Learn how to hand make greeting cards.


  BINGO B-I-N-G-O!  Join us for Bingo!
  BILLIARDS The Break Shot! Hone your pool skills.
  CORN HOLE Get some sun and enjoy corn hole on the patio.
  RUMMIKUB/BOARD GAMES DOMINOS Pick your game and play or organize a team.
  CARD GAMES Pick your game, Gin Rummy, Spades, Bid Wiz, Tonk, Bridge, Poker, and Pinochle.
  HORSEHOE Toss horseshoes and enhance your accuracy.
  TEAM TRIVIA Battle of the brains! Challenging your mental acuity on various subjects.


  KEYBOARDING/MUSICAL PURSUITS Learning proper playing techniques and operating electronic features on a keyboard
  GOLDEN OLDIES Listen to Golden Oldies and nostalgic tunes
  DRAMA Learn to direct and create a play. Perform poetry, learn basic voice performance techniques.


  COMPUTER/TECH CLASS Enhance computer skills, Microsoft programs and other tech programs
  INTRO TO SOCIA MEDIA Are you anxious to learn how to use social media and stay connected with friends and family? We will show you how!
  TACKLING MY CELL PHONE Is your smart phone smarter than you? Learn the basics of utilizing your phone apps, music, and photos.


  BOOK CLUB Do you enjoy reading?  Dive into the latest selected book and share your impressions.
  MOVIE & POPCORN Join us for movies on Friday!
  DOCUMENTARY OF THE WEEK Documentary of the week will explore historical events or scientific discoveries.

Exploring various cultures including food, dance, and music.



  COOKING DEMO Yes Chef!  Learn new cooking techniques to promote cooking and using regional fresh ingredients.
  NUTRITION TALKS Sharing nutritional benefits of food choices to enhance overall health.
  WELLNESS WEDNESDAY An educational talk that will increase awareness about age related health topics.