IT Governance

DeKalb County has a robust IT governance structure to address the evolving needs of its stakeholders and to provide value enhancing technology services to them.  The governance mechanisms have been created to:

•    Identify the technological needs of county departments.

•    Ensure technologies are serving the public interest.

•    Facilitate enterprise-wide prioritization of technology investments.

•    Create review and feedback mechanisms to ensure technologies are meeting or exceeding requirements and that measurable outcomes are monitored.


Innovation and Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC)


The Innovation and Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC)  is an advisory body composed of representatives from county departments who meet on a regular basis to provide feedback and oversight to the Innovation and Technology Department on: 

•    Technology initiatives that are valuable to departments and the enterprise.

•    County-wide standards for technology hardware and software solutions.

•    County-wide policies regarding access to and use of technology resources.

•    County technology strategic planning initiatives.


Citizen Website Advisory Committee (CWAC)

At the request of the Board of Commissioners, the Citizen Website Advisory Committee (CWAC) was created in conjunction with the DeKalb County web modernization project. The purpose of the CWAC is to help DeKalb County identify and prioritize new web-based services to enhance service delivery to our citizens, constituents and stakeholders.

The committee is composed of representatives appointed by the Board of Commissioners.


The committee responsibilities include:

•     Review and provide input on the current use of web services and approaches.

•     Provide feedback on the county’s future web site enhancement plans.

•     Identify opportunities for new services that would provide value to DeKalb County website users and visitors.

•     Serve as informed communicators to others in the community as it relates to current policies, activities, and plans associated with the DeKalb County website.