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Department of Planning and Sustainability Forms

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Building Permits
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Complete New Commercial Guide Construction Process for Swimming Pools Owner Affidavit For Residential Permits Authorized Permit Agent Form
Commercial Additions Guide Fire and Building Plan Review Checklist Building Permit Letter of Entertainment
Commercial Alterations and Repairs Guide Fire Systems Checklists Residential Site Revison Electrical Permit
Occupancy Permit Guide  Demolition Permit Checklist Construction Waste Mechanical/ HVAC Permit
Commercial Roofing Guide Inspection Process for Commercial Construction Watershed Packet Plumbing Permit
Single Family Residential Guide Inspection Process for Single Family Dwellings Sign Permit Personal Care Home App - Rev 2017
Residential Additions Guide Personal Care Home/Community Living Arrangement    Child Caring Institutions App
Residential Alterations and Repairs Guide Residential Zoning Review Checklists    
Home-Based Business License Erosion ES&C Res Bldg Checklist    
Elevation Certificate Reference Guide Jobsite Trailer Plan Submittal Checklist

 Special Administrative Permits

Watershed Packet   Temporary Outdoor Sales Events
    Telecommunications Towers and Antennas  Film & TV Permit App
    Urban Gardens House Moving Permit
    Temporary Building Lighted Tennis Court
    Wireless Telecommunication Facility Farmers Market
    Watershed Management
    Conversion from Septic to County Sewer System
  Water Meter Application  Commercial Conversion   Residential Conversion
  Sewer Capacity Evaluation  Backflow Prevention CO Procedures
  Sewer Tap Application Backflow Prevention Checklist  
Guides and Checklists Applications / Forms
Buffer Restoration Erosion & Sediment Control Plan Review Checklist Administrative Variance Vegetation Protection & Replacement
Demolition Permit Checklist Landscaping & Detention Ponds Off Site Restoration Water Quality Certificate
Encroachment of Critical Root Zone Area Residential Site Plan Checklist Stream Buffer Variance Application State Water Determination
Environmental Development Checklist Water Quality Checklist    
Environmental Requirements for Building Permits  Stream Buffer Variance Checklist    
Revision in Flood Studies & Maps Map Changes & Flood Insurance    
FEMA HFIAA Improvement Requirements in Flood Hazard Areas    
Adjacent to Future-condition Floodplain Site Plan Requirements for Flood Hazard Area    
Historic Preservation
Guides & Calendars Applications
Chelsea Heights

County Code

2019 Historic Preservation Calendar

Certificate of Appropriateness Historic Property Nomination
    Historic District Nomination  
Land Development
Guides & Checklists Applications / Forms
Land Development Permits
Development Services Site Plan Review Checklist Transportation Checklist As-Built Detention Facility Land Development App
Fireline Review Checklist Vegetation Protection and Replacement Checklist As-Built Flood Plains Proposed Water Quality Facility
Fire Site Review Checklist Watershed Management Fireline Guidelines As-Built Structural Retaining Wall Requirements for Residential As-Built Surveys
GA Dept. of Transportation Details Watershed Management Backflow Guidelines As-Built Storm Water Certificate Storm Water Run-Off
Roads and Drainage Checklist Water/Sewer Infrastructure Checklist Grading Certificate Structural Retaining Wall
  Stormwater Review Checklist 2018 Flood Plains Certificate City Civil Design Review Application
    Land Development Revision Application  
Final Plat
Final Plat Review Checklist Final Plat Review Procedures    
Lot Division, Lot Combination, or Boundary Line Adjustment 
Lot Division, Lot Combination, or boundary Line Adjustment Checklist Guide Lot Division, Lot Combination, Boundary Line Adjustment Application  
RIOD (Residential Infill Overlay District)
Guides & Checklists Applications / Forms
RIOD Checklist / Process Labels Certificate of Compliance Petition To Amend


Guides and Calendars Applications / Forms

 Rezone Checklist

2019 Rezone Calendar

Rezone-Application-Form Rezone Authorization
  Land Use Amendment Application Street Name Change
Special Land Use Permit (SLUP)
Guides and Calendars Applications / Forms

District Definitions

SLUP/Rezone 2019 Calendar

Special Land Use Application Checklist    
    Special Land Use Application  
Subdivision Review (Sketch Plat)
Guides & Checklists Applications / Forms

2019 Rezone/SLUP Calendar

Conservation Checklist Guide

Final Plat Review Procedures Certificate of Conformity Final Plat Mapping
Sketch Plat Checklist Guide Residential Lot Division, Lot Combination, Boundary Line Adjustment Application Sketch Plat Application
Residential Lot Division, Lot Combination, or Boundary Line Adjustment Checklist Guide   Final Plat Application Sketch Plat Authorization
Tree Conservation & Protection
Guides & Checklists Applications / Forms
Tree Care Guide for Homeowners Encroachment of Critical Root Zone Areas Tree Ordinance Exemption Certification Tree Plan Exemption Form
Tree Protection Guide for Home Builders Tree Survey and Plan Guide for Developments Tree Removal Guide and Request Form for Homeowners  
Guides & Checklists Applications / Forms
Instructions Major Modification Application Checklist Major-Modification-Application  


2019 Rezone Calendar

Land Use Amendment Application Checklist Minor Modification to Conditional Zoning.pdf  
Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBOA - BOA)

Guides & Checklists

2019 ZBOA Calendar

Applications / Forms
    Variance Application Form ZBOA Application