Public Education and Community Involvement

Public Education and Community Involvement

Stormwater connects all of us. Whether it’s fishing in our rivers or dealing with the aftermath of a significant rain event. The Roads and Drainage Division of DeKalb County’s Public Works Department has Stormwater Public Education and Community Involvement programs that provide ongoing opportunities for citizens to learn about and be involved in the health of the waterbodies throughout DeKalb County.  These programs help protect and improve our water resources and are part of our commitment to proactively manage stormwater for the citizens of DeKalb County. 


Public Education                                                         

·        School Presentations

Ø  Classroom Presentations - A variety of presentations are available for students of all ages. The presentations are designed to correlate with the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE) to match your curriculum. Upon request we would visit your classroom with an educational, water quality-related activity.  If you would like to bring one of our exciting presentations to your classroom, fill out a request form, send an email to or call 404-297-3840.  Stormwater School Program Request Form

Ø  Career Day Programs - A great way for your students to learn about more about stormwater and careers in the stormwater field.  Fill out a request form, send an email to or call 404-297-3840 to have one of our stormwater professionals participate in your school’s Career Day. To learn more about careers in the Stormwater Industry right now, visit the Southeast Stormwater Association (SeSWA) website at Career Day Program Request Form

·        Scouts

Ø  Our Scout Program is for the whole troop. It gives every girl (and soon boy) an opportunity to work towards and complete the requirements for a Stormwater badge. The current badge, “This Girl is Storm Water Smart”, is designed for motivated Girl Scouts. Click the link to learn more about the badge.  (insert link).  If you would like to get started send an email to to or call 404-297-3840.


·        Educational Resources & Opportunities

Ø  DeKalb County Watershed Education Programs

Ø  High School Video Contest - ARC 2016 High School Contest Winner- DeKalb County Student

Ø  ARC Metro Water District Kids Club -

Ø  After the Storm - 

Ø  Reflections Photo Contest

Ø  Clean Water Campaign Essay Contest 

Ø  Georgia River of Words - 

ØStormwater Informational Brochure

ØRoads & Drainage Stormwater Management Brochure

Ø  DeKalb County Storm Drain Curb Marking Program

Ø  Metro Atlanta's Solution to Water Pollution by the Clean Water Campaign

Ø  Keep It Clean Drains to Stream Brochure About Storm Drain Stenciling by the Clean Water Campaign

Ø  Be A Solution to Water Pollution by the Clean Water Campaign

Ø  Household Solutions for Preventing Water Pollution from Hazardous Wastes

Ø  Is Your Yard As Green As you Think It Is?  Tips for Keeping Pollutants from Entering Streams by the Clean Water Campaign


Community Involvement 

·        Storm Drain Marking  

Ø The Storm Drain Marking Program is a quick and easy way to make a difference in your neighborhood and helps to keep your waterways cleaner and prevents flooding.   Storm Drain Marking Form 

·        Citizens Drainage Program (CDP)

Ø The CDP program assists homeowners with managing drainage conditions on private property.  A property owner may request drainage pipes and/or rubble rock up to a value of $2,500.00 (approximately 40 tons of rock). Upon approval by County drainage inspectors, the County will deliver the material to the property.  The installation and follow-up maintenance of the rock or pipe are the responsibility of the homeowner.  Contact Roads and Drainage at (404)-297-3840 for more information or to request an inspection.

·        Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)

Ø  Household hazardous waste are products used in and around the home that contain chemicals that are hazardous to human and animal health or the environment. Click on one of the links below to learn more about how you can help our environment by properly disposing of HHW.

·         Illicit Discharge –

Ø  Illicit discharges and illegal dumping are major causes of storm water pollution. Citizens are our best resource for eliminating illicit discharges, illegal connections and illegal dumping. When citizens report a potential illicit discharge, illegal connection or illegal dumping, it makes us aware of a problem that may have otherwise gone undetected.   If you see a potential illicit discharge, illegal connection, or someone dumping pollutants such as grass clippings, paint, sediment, oil, chemicals or pet waste into a stormwater structure, immediately call the Environmental Comments Line at (404) 294-2007. Remember, only stormwater should go down a storm drain. Anything else is stormwater pollution.

·         Recycling- 

Ø  Recycling is easy and is beneficial for your community and the environment. There are simple ways to implement recycling into your daily routine. Just remember the 3 Rs of Recycling - Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.  Reduce waste by composting. Composting reduces food waste, and the compost can be added to your garden. Reuse can be as simple as using a washable cup or travel mug for your water or coffee instead of disposable cups. Recycling can become a part of a family routine. Get into the habit of tossing your cans, paper, and cardboard into your blue recycling roll cart. Then roll the cart to the curb on your garbage pick-up day.  These few simple changes can make a big difference in your community and our environment. For more information about recycling see below.