Stormwater Drainage

Storm Drainage System Repairs
The Drainage Section crews repair the catch basins, drop inlets, headwalls, wing walls, outlet control structures, pipes, box culverts, and any other storm drainage infrastructure components that are in need of repair due to age or damage to the storm drainage system.

Storm Drainage System Upgrades
The Drainage Section personnel work with Roads and Drainage engineers to upgrade the existing storm drainage system.  Upgrades include extensions to the system, upsizing of pipes to increase capacity for storm water flows, and installations of new systems.

Emergency Cave-ins
Cave-ins on the system occur due to age or damage and often exhibit themselves after a heavy rainfall.  The Drainage Section personnel mobilize immediately on any emergency cave-in site and restore the system to normal function.  Once the system is back in service, further investigation is made on the system to identify any additional work required.

Citizen's Drainage Program
The Stormwater Drainage Section guides citizens through the process of obtaining assistance for erosion mitigation on their property.  Any citizen of DeKalb County, by Service Request submission, may request up to 50 tons of rubble rock delivered to their property front for the purpose of stabilizing creeks, streams or ditches.  This service is free to the citizen.

Also, by Service Request submission, any citizen may request pipe delivered to their property front for the purpose of extension of the existing drainage system (up to $2500 in matching costs).

The work must be permitted through the County Development Department.