Department Directors (Benita Coakley Ransom)

26-26-Benita_Ransom_BGS1060_pp.jpgBenita Coakley Ransom joined DeKalb County in 2011 as the Human Resources & Merit System Director where she leads the recruitment, talent management, compensation, employee relations, organizational and employee development, human resources information system, and occupational health functions for a workforce of nearly 7,000.

Prior to joining DeKalb County, Benita served as Human Resources Commissioner for the City of Atlanta for nearly 16 years.  There her responsibilities were similar to those at the county and included the administration of benefits for employees in a union/non-union environment.  Benita also has served as Deputy Chief of Staff for the City of Atlanta, Office of the Mayor, and financial analyst at Lockheed Corporation.  Benita’s extensive public sector background is indicative of her belief that public service is among the most noble professions and offers a wonderful opportunity to make a major difference in the quality of life of others.

Benita is the recipient of several professional and community awards, and serves on various boards and committees.

Benita received an undergraduate degree in Economics from Fisk University and a Masters in Business Administration (Management) from Boston University.  She is bilingual in Spanish and English, and nationally certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR).

Departmental Summary - Human Resources and Merit System Department

The Human Resources Director oversees the development, implementation and coordination of policies and programs covering recruitment and employment, training and employee development, classification and compensation, human resources information systems, employee relations, and skills testing.  In addition, the director manages employee services and maintenance of official centralized personnel records system, drug and alcohol testing policies, and certain occupational health services.  The Human Resources Director also administers the county's disciplinary action appeal process in accordance with the DeKalb County Code Administrative Procedures and County Ordinances.