Department Directors (Stacy Grear)

7-11-Stacy_Grear_BGS1060.jpgStacy Grear is director of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for DeKalb County. As director of GIS, Grear oversees the development of GIS and property mapping functions, administers the department's budget and directs the activities of staff.

Grear joined DeKalb County in 2006 as assistant director of the GIS department. Most recently, he served as interim director of GIS from May 2010 to December 2010. Prior to joining DeKalb County, Grear served as GIS Director for Douglas County.

Grear's extensive background includes experience in civil engineering, surveying, aerial mapping and photogrammetry, writing legal descriptions and developing databases. Grear completed an undergraduate degree in industrial technology from Tennessee State University.

Departmental Summary - GIS

The GIS Department's mission is to support all county departments in the development of a fully-integrated Enterprise Geographic Information System (GIS). The goal is to make all county mapping functions as efficient and effective as possible. Mapping information and databases are housed on a central server and provide full geographic analysis in support of DeKalb County and departmental business functions.

The GIS department is responsible for the development of an integrated GIS which links digital map features to database records describing property, infrastructure, sites and facilities. The department is responsible for managing multi-departmental GIS projects such as the base-mapping project and the parcel conversion project. Staff is available to assist in the definition of mapping and database standards and ensuring compliance with standards and schedules. The department provides technical guidance to departments developing spatial data in the definition of GIS project scopes, preparation of Requests for Proposals (RFP's), the review of proposals, the selection of contractors, and quality assurance of data. GIS assists departments in purchasing hardware and software, training staff, customizing software and production of special projects. GIS maintains the official street name and address database and the property ownership database. The department is responsible for disposal of county controlled/owned real property and public road abandonments. The director's office coordinates the processing of annexations and easements across county-owned property. GIS staff maintains official county property ownership maps that are used for tax purposes and is responsible for the assignment of addresses. GIS is involved in the review of proposed subdivision, condominium and townhome developments.