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Board of Commissioners

DeKalb Stakeholder Working Group on Elections

During the 2018 Election cycle, there was an overwhelming citizen response to election issues. In response, the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners formed a working group comprised of Commissioners, citizens and Board of Registration and Elections Board members to discuss potential remedies to the issues faced by the citizens of the County.

The DeKalb Stakeholders Working Group on Elections met several times in 2019 to determine the best way to address the issues raised by the citizenry.

Purchasing Advisory Committee

The Ad Hoc Committee on a Purchasing and Contracting Code will hold its meetings at 3:30 pm in the 5th floor Multi-purpose room on an Ad-Hoc basis.  The Committee is comprised of Commissioners Bradshaw and Rader, and the attendance and participation of the Commission and the Administration is invited.

The committee has been organized as a collaboration between the Office of Independent Internal Auditor and the Board of Commissioners to achieve parallel objectives:

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